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Art Deco Lipstick Holder Necklace

Looking for a classic and chic way to carry your lipstick?? Here is a beautiful and unusual lipstick holder in the shape of a pendant which can be worn as a necklace. When closed, this piece looks like a gorgeous yet unassuming long charm; when opened with the clasp, it reveals a compartment where lipstick can be inserted. The entire pendant is hand engraved with a flower, a pine needle like etching, and curves, giving this an artisan touch you will never find in a new piece.

It's like a feminine secret only you know you will be wearing!

HISTORY: Estimated late Art Deco, 1930's.

MATERIALS: Sterling silver

SIZE: This pendant hangs 2 1/4" from the chain and measures 1/2" in width. It weighs 14.5 g.

CONDITION: Beautiful antique condition. This piece has been cleaned thoroughly of the lipstick it once held.

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