Art Deco Citrine and Pearl Charm


When people think of citrine, they often think of the light yellowish stone, but actually citrine can come in reddish orange hues as well, as seen in this lovely vintage charm. Citrine is a stone of healing, believed to purify the body.

A sizable citrine stone is surrounded by four pearls in a Deco-style four points/directions or cross piece. We've placed this charm on a newer vintage (new-old-stock) gold filled necklace.

HISTORY: This piece is reminiscent of 1920's Art Deco but is closer to retro 1960's.

MATERIALS: 14k gold, pearls, citrine

SIZE: The charm measures 3/4" when the jump ring isn't included, by 7/16" in width. The citrine stone measures 3/8" north to south by 3/16"" east to west. The chain measures 16" in length.

CONDITION: Overall great condition - no chips in the citrine or pearls, and the stone is free of scratches. The pearls are secured by glue - this was not something we did, we acquired it this way! The glue isn't clearly evident unless under magnification.

A great everyday piece or bridal necklace.

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