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Antique Scarab Beetle Charm Necklace

Rare antique early 1900's 9k gold scarab beetle charm on a new 16" gold filled chain. This unique charm is the real body of a scarab beetle bug. This piece is considered Egyptian revival, a time period in jewelry and art when all aspects of Egyptian culture were celebrated and revered because of the fascination around the Egyptian tombs that were discovered at the time.

In ancient Egypt Scarabaeidae beetles were considered sacred and were worn for protection and good luck. This piece is an incredible good luck talisman for this new year!

History: Early 1900's Edwardian

Materials: Real insect, 9k rose gold backing. Gold filled chain.

Size: 16" gold filled chain. Beetle hangs 7/8" from the chain and measures 7/16" wide.

Condition: Great condition! There is one subtle scratch mark on the back of the piece where it was once tested for gold content, but otherwise in awesome condition.

A stunning, rare and collectible piece of jewelry.

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