Antique Engraved Silver Pocket Watch


A magnificent Art Deco pocket watch! This watch has beautiful flower and fence engraving on the front and back, and opens and to reveal a lovely timepiece. Even the edges of the watch have intricate detailing, with a milgrain style beading, and there is sentimental initial engraving on the inside back part of the piece - "Sr. M. R." It's a substantial piece with a good amount of weight to it.

While this watch does not work, it makes for a wonderful and symbolic piece of jewelry. You could also set the timepiece for a time which is meaningful for you, and it will stay that way forever. We've placed the watch on a new 18" sterling silver chain, but we think it would look even lovelier on a much longer chain!

HISTORY: 1920's Art Deco. The inside is stamped "Star W.C. Co" indicating the case was made by Star Watch Case Company, and it also has the stamping for Elgin, Illinois, indicating that Elgin made the watch movements. Elgin was founded in the late 1800's and is famous for its pocket watches. The original serial numbers are also stamped in it.

MATERIALS: Sterling silver, watch movement

SIZE: The pocket watch is smaller (as far as pocket watches go), measuring 1 3/8" diameter, and 1 7/8" total length north to south.

CONDITION: The watch itself does not work (aside from having the ability to set it to one particular time), but the case, glass on the inside, and movements are well preserved and beautiful. There is a smoothness to the metal and to the engraving which indicates this piece was used often and well loved. The chain is new.

 *Please note antique box not included with purchase.

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