Hope during Covid-19

In this time of solitude and fear, we are cultivating joy, love and connection through daily videos spanning the topics of art, beauty and spirituality.  We are calling this project The Creative Pause; a creative pause is the action of taking a break from what you're doing and taking time to daydream.

Social Distancing Hope: The Creative Pause

What does a daily uplifting video have to do with jewelry? Well, everything, of course.

My friend and creative colleague Susan Padron and I are feeling all the same things as you during this time of Covid-19 and social distancing - uncertainty, fear, loneliness. We have all the same needs - a need for hope, for joy, for connection amidst the chaos.

We want to offer out to you, our community, something hope-filled, a small respite in your day of overwhelm.  It will be a gift to ourselves as much as a gift to you.  It will be a daily video series called The Creative Pause.

Videos on Art, Beauty, Spirituality 

Each day's ZOOM video will offer a short reading and time to connect, and then we open up the floor to a creative colleague to share something - a talk, a demonstration, music - with all of you. From photography, to hair and makeup, to spiritual exercises and even tips on wine, these videos will span a wide range of topics and voices. They will be short, less than 30 minutes, and they'll bring a smile to your face.

ZOOM Videos

Ilia Stranko Spiritually Curious

We will have a website soon to explain more. Our very first episode was held on March 27th with Ilia Stranko of Spiritually Curious . You can find the video on our YouTube channel. Ilia walked us through a beautiful set of practices and meditations to ground our energy in the days moving ahead.

We will then have daily ZOOM calls throughout the following weeks; if you register once with ZOOM you will receive reminders and can participate. We will publish information on the topic of each call on social media and our websites as we move along. 

Each video will be recorded and available on our YouTube channel

Amidst Covid-19 Do Something Hopeful

We are all in this unprecedented time together. Let's not forget each day can offer joy. We hope The Creative Pause will provide some of that for you.