There is a Light that Never Goes Out Remembrance Ring in Custom Color Enamel


The second piece in our Memoir Jewelry line, this handmade ring has gorgeous glass enamel on sterling silver, and contains the tiny words "There Is A Light that Never Goes Out." It's a modern day mourning ring, meant to commemorate a loss in your life with something subtle you can wear everyday.

Based on my own life story, this ring symbolizes the loss of my sister Donna. Donna was vibrant and beautiful, and my best friend. She was also a complete anglophile, obsessed with anything British or that had to do with the artist Morrissey or his band The Smiths. "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" is a Smiths' song title, and the song itself speaks of loss and of love. I walked into that song at my wedding, and now I wear this ring between my engagement ring and wedding band.

This piece is dainty, measuring 2mm wide - in the one photo it is stacked with my wedding band to give you an idea of size.

This piece can be worn on its own as a subtle and dainty ring, or, it also looks wonderful stacked, as shown in the pictures. It could even be used as an alternative wedding band.

Handmade start to finish by our jewelry team in Philadelphia - even the enamel is hand set by a master artist. Many other enamel colors are available (see last picture for an example of a green enamel), as is this ring in gold - please message us to get started on a custom piece with your own color or metal.

This ring takes approximately three weeks to produce, and is not returnable given the level of customization involved.

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