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Antique Watson Co Dogwood Flower Enamel Brooch

This is a showstopper of an antique brooch, perfect as a wedding pin or a sentimental gift for one you love. Made by the famed Watson Company at the turn of the century, this brooch depicts dogwood flowers and leaves. Done in pristine green, pink, white and yellow enamel, the flowers come alive visually and make for a complete work of art. Dogwood flowers carry deep symbolism around rebirth, and are often a flower seen in the Christian tradition.

HISTORY: Hallmarked for the Attleboro, MA Watson Company, which was founded in the late 1800's and lasted through the 1950's. The hallmarks on this brooch, combined with the style of the pin and the pin mechanism, date it to the early 1900's

MATERIALS: Sterling silver and glass (enamel)

SIZE: A statement brooch, this is nearly 3" in width and almost 2" high!

CONDITION: Absolutely pristine condition. The enamel in this piece is immaculate, hard to find with this old of a piece.

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