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Love Token with Forget-me-not Flowers


A modern love token, with forget-me-not flowers and hand engraved sentiments to honor an enduring love. The flowers cradle a custom engraving of your choosing - a name or word that speaks to your story. 

This token is a one-of-a-kind work of art, made just for you. You can choose silver or hand-done enamel flowers for the front, and engraving is also possible on the backside (as seen with "sister" in the photos), allowing for a reversible pendant. No two pendants will ever be alike, from the slight variations in the enamel to the words you choose for your piece.

Forget-me-not Flowers and Love Tokens

Why a love token?

Dating back centuries, love tokens were literal tokens - out-of-circulation coins - that were sanded down on one or both sides to leave a blank space for a word, image or other sentimental motif to be hand engraved. Love tokens gained a lot of popularity in times of war, when men and women would keep their tokens close at hand as distance came between them. In the Victorian period, love tokens also became a part of mourning practices. 

The use of forget-me-not flowers in jewelry and art has also been a long-held practice. A flower of sentimentality and love, it adorned mourning jewelry all throughout the Victorian period.  The flower speaks to an everlasting bond that lasts beyond the human realm.

Made for You on Jeweler's Row in Philly

Handmade takes time, but it's worth it. This beauty needs many artists' hands to bring it to life, including the enamel artist, Joan, and the engraver, Lisa.  Given this, allow 4-6 weeks for the creation of your piece.  

This pendant measures just slightly over 3/4" and hangs just slightly over 1" from the chain. Each piece comes with a complimentary 16" or 18" sterling silver curb chain. An intricate 24" chain is also available, as seen in the photo on the model - message for more information. Each love token is crafted from recycled sterling silver.

Once you place the order, please message me to discuss the engraving you would like for the front and back (if applicable). Please also let me know your choice of chain. 

See the shop for another version of the Love Token Necklace without forget-me-nots.

We cannot wait to bring your vision for your special love token to life! 

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