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Classic Signet with Custom Hand Engraving in Sterling Silver


From ancient times through today, the signet ring style has remained one of the most classic and versatile pieces of jewelry you can have in your wardrobe. When hand engraved, it becomes a highly symbolic and personal piece, a family heirloom.  

A Classic Signet Ring 

The classic signet has a circular or oval face with wide sloping shoulders. The flat face sits atop your finger, providing the perfect space for a meaningful symbol or initial. 

Available here are five styles of classic signet, each of which can be hand engraved with the symbol or initial of your choosing.  Here are the signet descriptions; in the group photo, signet 1 is on the left and it goes in number order to signet 5 on the right. You will then find detailed photos of each ring in that same order as you scroll through.

  1. A larger gent's style signet with a slightly oval face, listed here as "slight oval." This is the heaviest ring of the bunch.
  2. A larger gent's style signet with an elongated oval face, listed here as "longer oval."
  3. A women's signet - listed here as "smaller pinky" and the smallest ring in the group photo - with an oval face.
  4. A larger gent's style signet with a circular face. Listed here as "circular."  This circular signet is also the one you see engraved with the word "mama" in silver.
  5. A women's signet - listed here as "larger pinky" - with a slightly oval face.

Hand Engraving for Your Signet Ring

Each of these signets comes with custom hand engraving, included in the cost of the ring (note: a much more complex engraving will have added costs!).  See the last set of photos for some examples of the styles and types of engraving that are possible.  Message me after ordering to let me know the initial or symbol you would like on your ring. 

Interested in a deeper intaglio style engraving? In the last two photos - a necklace and a rose gold ring - you will see what intaglio style engraving looks like. Message me for details and pricing.

From Statement Piece to Pinky Ring: Signet Ring Sizing

These signets range in size from a larger statement piece to an eye catching but smaller pinky/ladies' ring. Here are the dimensions of each:

  1. "Slight oval" - 16mm north to south by 14mm east to west on the face of the signet. 2mm "rise" off the finger. 
  2. "Longer oval" - 18mm north to south by 12mm east to west on the face of the signet. 2.5 mm "rise" off the finger.
  3. "Smaller pinky" - 12mm north to south by 8mm east to west on the face of the signet. 2mm "rise" off the finger.
  4. "Circular" - 15mm north to south by 15mm east to west on the face of the signet. 2mm "rise" off the finger.
  5. "Larger Pinky" - 13mm north to south by 11mm east to west on the face of the signet. 2mm "rise" off the finger. 

Please note that there are additional ring sizes available than you will see in the drop-down menu (the "pinky" rings can go smaller than a 2.5 and the large signets can go larger than a 10); should your ring size fall outside what is listed please message me to see if your size if available.

This listing is for sterling silver but you can also get your ring in 14k gold (rose, yellow or white) or more affordable 10k gold.

Jewelry Made by Hand in Philadelphia

This ring is made start to finish on Jewelers' Row in Philadelphia, cast in your choice of recycled metal. Sustainable and artisan jewelry made like was done generations ago.  All good things take time - due to the handmade nature of each of these rings, the production time is 4-5 weeks.  


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