Art Deco Filigree Screw Back Earrings


With dainty proportions but tremendous detail, these screw back earrings are versatile and beautiful Art Deco pieces. At the lobe is a flower done in cannetille filigree, with a chandelier piece that hangs from it. Each chandalier is also done in filigree and has dangly and fun fringe, giving the earrings a lot of movement. Gorgeous 1930's pieces.

HISTORY: Art Deco 1930's


SIZE: these earrings measure 1.5" in length. The "flower" measure 3/8" across. The "chandelier" measure 7/16" across.

CONDITION: Great condition. The screw backs work well, and the fringe and filigree is intact.

Wonderful earrings that were recently used in a photoshoot inspired by the 1920's themed show Peaky Blinders!

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