Two Brides and Two Vintage Wedding Rings

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 Pantsuits, brooches and TWO vintage engagement rings, oh my!

Pop Sugar Wedding Inspiration

Pop Sugar just featured a recent photoshoot we did with Jessica Lynn Photography and Susan Padron Stylist . In their article Real Brides Who Said "Yes" to Stylish Pantsuits, Jumpsuits and Shorts on Their Wedding Day they showcased a grey pantsuit we used on one of two brides - her partner wore the white dress! - where we did unique styling with brooches on the front and back of the suit. 

Two Brides, Two Wedding Rings

alternative engagement rings Each bride wore a diamond engagement ring, one from the Art Deco period and the other a modern estate princess style engagement ring.  Both rings were a big step away from a traditional wedding band, a deliberate style decision.





Bring Back the Brooch: Wearing a Pin on Your Wedding Day

The real flair came with an assortment of vintage brooches that the bride as well as the bridesmaids wore, along with other vintage accessories like earrings and cocktail rings. 




vintage brooch and pantsuit wedding

vintage brooch for wedding

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Black and Grey Wedding Attire

It's your wedding day, so do what makes you most happy! In this case, the brides elevate a conventional wedding dress into the one-of-a-kind wedding through the grey and black pantsuits in the wedding party, and the varied style of hair and makeup on each bridesmaid. In the end it made for a badass wedding that is surely different from the rest. 

black and grey wedding inspiration

This photoshoot wouldn't have been possible without the following amazing businesses:

Jessica Lynn Photography

Susan Padron Stylist 

B's Events and Floral Design

Robert Ryan Catering and Design

Beyoutiful By Salon Chloe

Trading Post Depot

Wedding Pavillion

Berkshire North Studio

Cake-N-Bake Shop

MK Flav Wedding Films



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