A Pet Memorial Ring & Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: The Story of Prissy and Eliza

They may be in our lives only a short time, but our fur babies represent some of the most loving and meaningful relationships in our lives. When they cross the Rainbow Bridge, it can be a significant loss, and one that impacts us the rest of our days.

This story describes two miniature schnauzer pups, Prissy and Eliza, who were lost within a year of each other. Their mother, Linda, chose to honor them with a memorial ring she can now wear everyday. Here is their story and the story of the beautiful ring made in their memory.

pet memorial ring

miniature schnauzersPrissy and Eliza. Two beautiful black miniature schnauzers. They were bred by a really cute high school kid on a small farm close to Fayetteville, Arkansas. It was his 4-H project. His grandparents had a male and female schnauzer, so he got the idea, did all the research and bred the dogs. He took care of the litter with loving kindness until we brought those two home. They were the only black ones.

Prissy was a bit bigger than Eliza, but neither weighed more than 19 pounds. They were beautiful and so, so smart and so sweet. They were companion dogs at their best. They slept with us, guarded us fiercely, and were always well mannered. They were very loved. 

Pet Memorial Ring

dog memorial name ring

To honor Prissy and Eliza, I had a custom pet memorial ring made by Stacey Fay Designs. Much like mourning rings of the 19th century, I chose white enamel on yellow gold, and emblazoned my two pups' names as well as their death years. 

pet memorial name ringTo add a meaningful and sentimental touch, the ring also includes a small bone and a heart.

I wear it every day alongside my wedding band, reminding me of my two loves.

pet memorial ring mourning enamel ring

Dog Obituaries 

Eliza Jane Eilers
August 2006 - February 2018

pet memorial ring and pet portraitShe was loved more than people are supposed to love dogs. She brought more joy to our house and can be expressed. She was a one-woman dog. She followed every step I took. Her fabulous ears bounced when she walked and took on a life of their own when she ran. She was never mad or standoffish. She never met a stranger. She barked at everything – even things that didn’t exist. She never sniffed a morsel of food she didn’t love or squeaky toy she couldn’t annihilate in minutes.

She kicked cancer to the curb and defied all odds to live a bouncy and happy life eight months after a devastating diagnosis last June after a senior wellness check. She was so brave, and despite losing her littermate and constant companion, her tri-weekly chemo and testing trips to Tulsa, and follow up blood draws from the jugular at AMC, she never complained. In fact, she comforted her people by letting them know how grateful she was to be loved.

She was an enthusiastic lover of soft pallets, down comforters and featherbeds. Despite her age and infirmity she could still hear the treat drawer open from 4 rooms away and bound from the bed in seconds to sit perfectly, waiting for the treat she took ever so gently, then scampered off to a soft rug where she devoured it in private.

She was an unsuccessful, but nonetheless relentless predator of squirrels. The mention of that bushytailed rodent sent her into a foot race across the yard that many times ended inmissing her prey  by millimeters.

She was preceded in death by her littermate, Prissy, who was waiting at the rainbow bridge to lead her across and introduce her to all the other Eilers’ schnauzers: Dax, Hannah, Bitsy, Thelma and Louise. She was eager to show her where the unlimited access treats were stored.

C.S.  Lewis said bringing home a puppy is a countdown to sorrow. Chances are the human will outlive the pup.  This awful, got wrenching pain, and desperately missing Eliza’s happy dance and soft kisses at the back door, are only so intense because of the absolute happiness she brought as God’s smile on our house.

We were blessed to be her humans.

Pricilla “Prissy” Mae Eilers 
August 13, 2006 - August 7,2017

black miniature schnauzer and pet memorial ring Born in Elkins, Arkansas, Prissy was the one in the litter who stood out. Her jet black, curly hair was soft and shiny. She was taller than her siblings. She immediately ran up to her people with a tail that wagged like hummingbird wings. Her big, round, brown eyes were trusting and loving. She loved everybody, and especially her main person, Walt Eilers. 

She graced our lives with many antics and her signature head-thrown-back woooo-woo. She liked to chew and was responsible for my getting new shoes (who gives a fur child a rubber shoe squeak toy?) and even bedroom carpet. Her propensity for sleeping horizontally precipitated the purchase of a king size bed.

Her happy face and hummingbird tail at the door, and long, dry licks across the face will be missed more than can be expressed. She was God’s smile on our house. There is no greater friendship.

She is survived by her litter-mate-sister, Eliza Jane who is absolutely desolate and inconsolable without her constant companion and food finder; her adopted, mutt-sister Gracie Mae, who might be the only one not completely loved by Prissy; her people, Walt and Linda Eilers; and all the squirrels, birds, and rabbits she terrorized on her daily yard and garden tours.

* * * * * 

Interested in creating your own pet memorial ring? We would love to work with you. Read more about the ring and be in touch.

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This is about the most loving memorial I ever read I’m so sorry for u loss
I lost my sweet loving service dog baby last year July to cancer she was 14 she is missed very must
She is survived by her 2 fur sisters tornado and Sasha

Johanna E Crupi December 09, 2019

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