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Jewelry for All Mothers on Mother's Day

Oh, jewelry for Mother's the holiday fast approaches, each of us is greeted once again by the eternal question - where do you find unique keepsake jewelry for the mom in your life? Whether for a friend who is a new mother, your own mama, or your partner who is the mother of your children, each of us hopes to find that very special gift.  

While we have a variety of unique jewelry in the shop, including one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, our personalized handmade jewelry offers unparalleled sentiment and symbolism.  Here are just a few pieces which make for the perfect gift for every kind of mother.

Jewelry with Birthstones for Mom - the Mother Ring

Personalized mother's ring with birthstonesRecently, a customer Rachel was looking for a special ring for her mother's 60th birthday.  Her mom had been requesting a ring with her children's birthstones for years.  Yet, as Rachel put it, every "mother" ring she came across was not quite the right fit - too gaudy, too modern looking, not unique, not personalized enough.  After seeing a particular antique Art Deco ring in our shop, she wrote to ask if we might be able to replace the diamonds in the piece with the birthstones of her and her three siblings.

Of course we could, but instead suggested we make a completely customized mother's ring. So began the creation of an Art Deco inspired Mother's Ring with strong yet subtle symbolism, which fit her mom's vintage style perfectly. This special ring is now available in the shop to order, completely customizable with stones to fit your own mother story.  Let's look a bit deeper into this gorgeous ring.



Custom mother ring with birthstones

The pictured ring holds the mother's birthstone, diamond, in the center, and her children's birthstones all around - ruby, peridot and alexandrite. We chose an old cut antique diamond to match the ring's aesthetic and give the piece an extra special element.

You can customize this ring with the birthstones of your choice.  Have a family with fewer than, or more than, four children? You can double or triple stones (note that this pictured ring has two peridot stones), or add additional stones to the design.

A Sustainable and Ethical Ring

To make the ring as sustainable as possible, we constructed it from recycled white gold and recycled and eco-friendly stones.  At her request, we melted Rachel's class ring to offset gold cost and add a symbolic material into the mix.  You too can incorporate metal or stones from family jewelry into the custom pieces we create for you.  You can also choose recycled yellow gold or platinum if you'd like.

This ring is handmade start to finish in Philadelphia by a team of master jewelers, helping to support the livelihood of many and to keep the art of handmade jewelry alive.

Symbolism - Mother's Ring

    If you look closely at the stones surrounding the diamond, you'll see four hearts. This symbolic choice makes for a very sentimental ring, yet the subtly of the hearts avoids the gaudy factor common in a lot of modern mother jewelry. 

    Custom mother ring with birthstonesThe curved hand engraving on the shoulders, along with the hand applied milgrain details give the piece a feminine flair.

    There is no question - the Mother Ring is an investment piece. Yet where else will you find such exquisite craftsmanship and sentimental detail within a completely unique design?

    Jewelry for the Mother Who Has Lost a Child

    Miscarriage necklace with birthstonesAs is the case with millions of women in the US alone each year, many face the difficult and lonely road of child loss.  Often this comes in the form of miscarriage, but there are also many women who experience stillbirth or the loss of a grown child.

    While Mother's Day is a holiday framed around mothers who have given birth to, or have, living children, the reality is that it's a holiday that is meaningful for anyone who has ever carried or raised a baby.

    It's with these mothers in mind that we offer a baby loss necklace in our Memoir Jewelry line.  The necklace provides a talisman of strength and remembrance for these mothers.

    Like the mother ring, the baby loss necklace can be customized with meaningful stones. Women have ordered birthstones associated with the expected birth dates of their babies, the dates when the baby died, or stones representing boys and girls in the case of a miscarriage where the gender isn't known.

    baby loss miscarriage jewelry

    The symbolism in this necklace is powerful:

    • Blooming Rose –symbolizes the mother’s strength, resilience, and beauty. Roses are stunning and at times fragile, yet have thorns to protect themselves.
    • Rose Bud – Historically, particularly in the Victorian mourning era, the presence of a rose bud in jewelry represented a young child lost.
    • One Stem – The flower and bud are connected in one stem, symbolizing an eternal connection.
    • The Shape - Hundreds of years ago, the shape for a heart was in the form of a teardrop, like this pendant.

    This necklace is available as a fixed pendant, charm, and with or without enamel.  Like the mother ring, it is sustainably made with recycled silver and handcrafted start to finish in Philadelphia.

    A Gift of Hope and Wishes for those Undertaking IVF and Other Measures

    snake fertility stud earrings

    Much like baby loss, there are countless women and couples who are walking the road of IVF and other more complex fertility journeys.  These women may not yet be mothers in their bodies, but they are very much mothers in their hearts and minds.  

    The recently completed snake stud earrings, available in 14k gold or sterling silver are a great symbolic, yet subtle, gift for strength and resolve around fertility. Snakes have been regarded as symbols of fertility and eternal love for thousands of years.  The snake stud earrings, available in both recycled silver and gold, can be layered with other jewelry or worn alone.  Their diminutive size makes their symbolism obvious only to the wearer.

    silver snake stud earrings fertility jewelry

    Custom Mother Jewelry

    Looking to build something from scratch that fits your story of motherhood? We would be honored to work with you to bring it to life.  We work together to build out your vision of the perfect piece, and then handcraft it start to finish in Philadelphia. Be in touch to get started.


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