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Vintage Mano Cornuto Charm


Rock on! An awesome vintage 14k gold hand making the rock on or heavy metal sign.
This is also the gesture of Mano Cornuto - an Italian (and ancient cultural) talisman to protect against the Evil Eye. The two fingers symbolize animal horns fighting against evil.

The details of the hand are intricate, down to a shirt cuff!

This is an awesome charm by itself or added to others.

HISTORY: Estimated 1980's or early 90's.

MATERIALS: 14k yellow gold pendant with a new gold filled chain.

SIZE: The pendant hangs 1 1/8” from the chain (when bail is included) and 5/16" in width. Dainty! The gold filled chain is 18" in length.

CONDITION: Very good! There is a slight rippled divot in the center of the front of the hand, where this was once scratch tested for gold and we buffed out the scratches. It’s slight and not very evident when worn.

Perfect for the music or Italian lover.

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