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Forget-me-not Flower Wax Seal Earrings


Beautiful and completely unique earrings made from an antique wax seal. This delicate and tiny fine silver earrings feature a forget-me-not flower, a long-hold symbol around remembrance and love.

Each piece measures approximately 1/4" in diameter, but will vary slightly given it is hand stamped and crafted. 

In the mid to late 1800’s in Britain, known as the Victorian era, jewelry was highly symbolic and sentimental. One element of this was represented in jewelry men often wore, called fobs, a small ornament made of metal and natural stone that hung from the vest. On the stone was carved a message in reverse, which was then used to stamp wax on an outgoing letter, sealing it with that a message. Each seal was unique, and many conveyed ideas of love, mortality, or even puzzles known as rebuses which spelled out a message to the reader through symbols.

Each of the fine silver pieces in the Stacey Fay Designs collection is made by hand using these antique fobs or stamps, bringing to life a long forgotten era of fashion and sentimentality.

Made to order - typically takes 1 week to create unless already in stock.

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