“My mother lost her best friend to cancer in January of this year.  They met when they were 18, just out of school on their first day of work at Bell Atlantic (or Ma Bell as it was usually referred to in our house). Their friendship was beautiful, unwavering and spanned nearly 50 years. Soon after Carol’s funeral, I saw a social media post from Stacey that showed a Bell Atlantic bracelet.  I reached out to her and told her this story, and described how I’d love to make a necklace for my mom in honor of her friend.  Not only did she offer to put the piece together with a matching Bell Atlantic vintage charm, she helped me pick out a beautiful chain. When I then mentioned possibly looking for a C charm to add, she offered to hand stamp one herself.  Thank you so much for this Stacey, the serendipitous, organic nature of this process added to how special this piece is. And it makes my heart happy to see Mama wearing it, holding it, and being able to connect with her friend in a tangible way.” – Elizabeth Rinaldi

“I looked to Stacey Fay Designs to make a one of a kind piece for a lifelong friend going through a hard transition into a new beginning. I wanted something that my friend could wear all the time but that wouldn’t be symbolic to anyone but her. I was looking for a piece that gave her a reminder of the joy her friendship brings to my life while also reminding her of the strength and love we see in her, even though she may not always see in herself. Stacey designed a piece that epitomized everything I was looking for.  And my friend loved it!” – Christina Manuola