Custom Multi Wax Seal Charm Necklace


Do you like our wax seal charms but can't choose just one? Or are you seeking a custom necklace which can capture your dreams, hopes, loves, and beliefs, all in one piece?

This custom wax seal necklace is a beautiful, and very personal, way to create an everyday talisman. This necklace is completely customized - the starting price is 4 wax seal charms at $225 -but you and I will work together step-by-step to create a necklace that has your pick of charms (we can do as many charms as you'd like! Cost increases as charms are added) and length of silver chain. The picture in this listing is just one example of a custom piece, so you can see the wonderful way that this length necklace with charms can lay on the body.

Look around our shop here and at to see the range of wax seal charms we offer; you'll see the charms cover a wide range of emotions and mantras, and can really speak to your personal story.

Be in touch directly to get started - we'd love to work with you!

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Each purchase is beautifully wrapped, and a complimentary gift card can be included upon request.

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