Erin Go Bragh Necklace on A Clothes Horse

The international blogger A Clothes Horse has featured Stacey Fay Designs' Erin Go Bragh wax seal necklace

An Irish Outfit for St. Patrick's Day

Living in Ireland, Rebecca takes St. Patrick's Day very seriously and comes up with endless cute outfit combinations. In this blog post, she pairs a vintage dress, a Lindy Bop sweater, Asos hat, Ferragamo shoes and of course our handmade Erin Go Bragh necklace

Irish outfit for St. Patrick's Day

Wax Seal Jewelry History Lesson

Rebecca dives into the history of wax seal jewelry a bit on her post, as she explains the symbolism and power of the Erin Go Bragh piece. It is a talisman not only for its historical significance, but also for the Irish or Irish at heart.

The wax seal necklace looks striking against Rebecca's outfit and the Irish backdrop.

Irish outfit for St. Patrick's Day

Erin Go Bragh jewelry

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