We’re Featured in a National Gift Guide!

We’re so honored and pleased to announce that our handmade jewelry has been featured as a Top Holiday Pick in a national holiday gift guide!

Antique wax seal jewelry

Released by The Rising Tide Society and Honeybook, the guide features jewelry, pottery, cards and many other gifts which enable you to shop small and support the creative community this holiday season.  Our shop is listed among some of the best handmade shops in the country.

When you go to the guide, wait a moment for a pop-up that will offer you discounts on the vendors featured, including a 15% coupon for the Stacey Fay Designs website and Etsy shop!


Erin go Bragh wax seal necklace

handmade wax seal necklace packaging

This holiday season, be sure to shop the many wax seal jewelry pieces we have to offer, as well as our fun earrings and other handmade shop options.

Every item from the shop is beautifully packaged and perfect for gift giving.

Wax Seals Get a New Look!

My wax seal jewelry line – necklaces that hold charms crafted from genuine antique stamps – remains among my most loved and bestselling jewelry that I sell.  Whether it’s their symbolism, delicate nature or intricate detail, there are seals which speak to every person.

Recently, I worked with Leave It To Me Photography to help capture the seals’ essence and appeal through gorgeous photos, many of new pieces in the line. We chose earthy and ethereal amethyst quartz for the backdrop.

Acceptance and eternal love necklace.
“With All Thy Faults I Love Thee Still” – perfect as a self-love talisman or a unique expression of love for another
Seize the day wax seal necklace
“Finem Respice” – Latin for “Consider the End” with an urn. A modern day memento mori piece.

Often my wax seal necklaces, given the age of the stamps that make them, can have historical meanings, such as seals focused on the mourning jewelry craze of the Victorian era, or ones that have weirdly sentimental phrases. Or sometimes the seals are just classic, with images or words that stand the romantic test of time. Flowers often convey specific meanings as well.

Handmade wax seal necklace
L’amour – love in French – with a wilting flower, symbolic of love eternal.
Handmade rose wax seal necklace
As classic as classic gets – a rose wax seal necklace
Clematis flower wax seal necklace
A clematis flower seal, symbolic of mental beauty and art

In many cases, and also in line with the Victorian way of life, stamps that sealed letters would speak to a common and prevalent issue – death.  Victorians weren’t shy about talking about death, and there were many Victorian art forms, small and large, which kept the reminder of death front and center.

Remembrance handmade wax seal necklace
“Tho Lost to Sight to Memory Dear” says it all.
Forget-me-not wax seal necklace
A forget-me-not-flower, the ultimate expression of everlasting love beyond death












There are many more seals, which will be featured on the blog in the future. See this website and our Etsy shop for all of our wax seal necklaces. Which piece speaks to you the most?

Mother’s Day 2017 Gift Guide

Whether for your own mother, a new mother, or the mother of your children, jewelry makes a meaningful and perfect gift for Mother’s Day.  The Stacey Fay shop has one-of-a-kind antique and vintage jewels, symbolic handmade pieces, and special custom designs available – see below for this year’s best picks, be sure to visit the shop to see others, and be in touch to create a custom piece.

Vintage & Antique Lockets

You can’t go wrong with lockets for Mother’s Day! Whether one with “Mom” across the front, or one with a sentimental buckle motif, you’re sure to find the perfect one.

Vintage Mom gold filled locket
Can you get a locket that is any more perfect for the holiday?
Vintage 12k gold filled Art Deco locket
Beautifully engraved Art Deco gold filled locket.
Antique 835 silver gold vermeil locket
Gold over sterling silver oval locket with a unique shield engraving in the center.











Antique Victorian sterling silver buckle locket
A rare and old Victorian sterling locket with a buckle motif. Since buckles, or belts, loop in on themselves, they symbolize eternal love.

Custom Mother’s Necklaces

A bestseller is the custom Mother’s Necklace, made-to-order.  I can stamp many different combinations of letters and symbols, and can even offer different shapes for the outline of the piece. Be in touch to get started on yours.

Custom stamped nameplate necklace
Two kids with the same initials resulted in this clever nameplate!
Custom stamped and wax seal jewelry
You cannot get much cuter than this “Great Grammy” necklace with a rose wax seal in front
Handmade stamped heart charm
A heart shaped charm with a loving term of endearment
Handmade stamped new mother necklace
A bunny he asked for and a bunny he received! A sentimental charm with the initials of the new baby.
Handmade initial charm and wax seal jewelry
Simple and sweet combination of a single initial and a flower wax seal charm

Vintage Tokens of Affection

Mother’s Day is to honor the women who gave us love, helped us grow, and are ushering in the next generation.  The shop has many different jewelry pieces with the most common and adored symbols of love.

Vintage 800 silver hand painted rose necklace
A handpainted rose under glass, in a vintage 800 silver setting
Antique WWII Lady Liberty mercury dime heart pendant charm
A WWII “Lady Liberty” heart shaped necklace, made from a mercury dime.
Vintage 14k gold puffy heart charm necklace
A sweet and simple gold puffy heart charm necklace. As classic as it is versatile.
Vintage ruby and diamond love ring
If she likes fun pieces, she will love this kitschy ruby and diamond “love” ring
Vintage 14k gold .25 carat diamond heart ring
Classic and stackable gold diamond heart band.

Symbolic Wax Seal Necklaces

Each of our wax seal necklaces is made from a genuine antique stamp, most from the late 1800’s, that were once used to seal letters of all kinds, including love letters.

Antique wax seal jewelry

There are countless beautiful, meaningful wax seal charm necklaces which make for a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Handmade rose wax seal necklace
A rose is the most classic symbol of love and affection, and this necklace is extremely versatile as well.
A dove descends upon two hearts, symbolizing two souls, two hearts linked forever
“L’Amour” – French for love
Eye + Cupid + Yew Tree = I love you.

Feminine Pieces At All Price Points

Last but certainly not least, sometimes you just need a beautiful Mother’s Day gift for your wife or friend who is a new (or seasoned!) mother, and you don’t necessarily need meaning behind it.  Here are a few good options from the shop, at varying price points.

Vintage diamond stud earrings
Classic studs which she can wear even while attending to a newborn!
Vintage floating opal necklace
A mystical and beautiful 1940’s floating opal necklace
Vintage 14k gold coral cameo earrings
Simple and sweet vintage coral cameo earrings
Vintage Art Deco Czech glass red earrings
Rare, collectible and beautiful Art Deco Czech glass earrings
Antique sunburst pearl and diamond necklace
An absolutely stunning Edwardian sunburst pearl and diamond brooch pendant necklace









Vintage sterling silver engraved teardrop earrings
Dainty and classic engraved sterling teardrop earrings
Vintage 1920's Art Deco celluloid orange bangle
Any Art Deco lover will go wild for this 1920’s celluloid bangle





The 12 Days Gift Guide – Day 11 – Gifts for the Romantic

Some of us are just born romantics.  We gravitate towards the classic love stories, we swoon over flowers, and we adore Paris.  Romantics love jewelry of any kind, but today we highlight those pieces that are particularly swoon-worthy.

Today’s deal is 15% off any of the items featured below – contact us for the code!

Antique blue enamel flower ringVintage flower eternity wedding band

More and more, wedding bands are being worn as “stack rings” – rings which can be coupled with others in your wardrobe, and stacked on the finger in a stylish way.  Here we have two amazing vintage rings from the shop – a blue enamel flower ring with intricate engraving, and a white and yellow gold flower cluster band. Swoon!

Vintage cameo brooch necklaceVintage gold dogwood flower pinky ring

Cameos are always romantic, and typically feature a woman in profile.  In this case, we have a super feminine cameo that is both a pin and pendant, featuring a woman with cascading hair, long earrings and a pearl necklace.  In a more subtle style, we have a dainty midi or pinky ring featuring tiny dogwood flowers.

Vintage gold and ruby ringAntique rose gold toi et moi emerald ring

Rubies signify romance perhaps more than any other stone, and in this case we have a simple and classic ruby ring in a signet style.  To the right we have a “toi et moi” ring – “you and me” – with synthetic emeralds and seed pearls, in a warm rosy gold.  Toi et moi styles have been popular for centuries as a symbol of love and togetherness.

Vintage Wedgwood sterling silver goddess ring

Another cameo, this time a vintage Wedgwood piece featuring a goddess and flowers.  We have a second Wedgwood goddess cameo ring in the shop, set in gold and much older.


Handmade rose wax seal necklaceForget me not wax seal earrings

And of course, many pieces in our handmade wax seal jewelry collection are love or romance themed.  The classic rose necklace is a bestseller, and the forget-me-not earrings are a dainty everyday wardrobe staple.

A letter soothes the pain of absence wax seal necklaceTwo hearts together forever wax seal necklace

On the sappy side, we have a seal which reads “A letter soothes the pain of absence” and a seal featuring two hearts and the words “For Ever.” This seal isn’t yet listed; contact us to purchase.  Any of these and others in our shop would make for lovely gifts.

The 12 Days Gift Guide – Day 8 – Talismans

With the meaning and symbolism that come along with the holidays, a gift in the form of a talisman is a great match.  It will be a piece of jewelry that can be worn everyday into the new year.

Today’s deal: Buy any one of these pieces and get a second 25% off.  Contact us for details.


Elephant handmade necklace Handmade monkey necklace


We’ve cast some fun animals out of children’s toys, and this good luck elephant (trunk’s up means good luck!) and protection monkey are among them.  These would not only bring a smile to the face of anyone who opens this gift, but they will offer a symbolic staple for their wardrobe.

Handmade strength necklace ball and claw

Since ancient times in Asia, up through British and early colonial times in the United States, the symbol of the ball and claw has shown up everywhere from jewelry to furniture.  Originally in Asia, it would have been a dragon’s claw, but the States reinterpreted it to an eagle’s claw.  In either case, it symbolizes strength and protection.  Give this handmade ball and claw necklace to someone who needs it!

May it Watch Over You NecklaceHandmade anchor wax seal necklace

Nearly all of our wax seal necklaces can be considered talismans, but these two in particular are deeply meaningful – the “May it Watch Over You” seal with the all-seeing eye, and the anchor and mast piece, which symbolizes hope and steadfastness.


Vintage gold anchor necklaceVintage evil eye bracelet

Speaking of anchors…this solid gold Victorian anchor pendant is precious and beautiful.  On the fun side is a glass and sterling silver evil eye bracelet in a bright and inviting shade of blue.


Gold Jewish Mezuzah necklaceVintage gold filled scarab bracelet


Mezuzahs have been placed on the doorposts of Jewish households for centuries, and this Mezuzah necklace allows you to wear the talisman on your neck.  Then a simple filigree gold filled scarab bracelet brings with it good luck and many different stones that offer protection.


Vintage malachite zuni bear necklace.

Zuni bears are a long-held symbol of strength and protection in the Native American Zuni community. This beautiful dimensional bear also has the protective stone of malachite in it.  It’s on quite a long chain, so it brings a bohemian and layered look to your wardrobe.

The 12 Days Gift Guide – Day 6 – Gifts for the Spiritual Person

We’re halfway through our 2016 Gift Guide, and today we highlight beautiful pieces for the spiritual person.  Today’s deal is:

Buy any of these pieces today and we’ll donate 20% of profits to GreenFaith – an interfaith environmental organization, helping faith institutions across the world protect the environment.  Hey, these are spiritual pieces after all! 🙂


Our Lady of Lourdes Virgin Mary necklace

Our Lady of Lourdes Virgin Mary necklace


One of my favorite pieces in the shop – a 1920’s camphor glass necklace featuring the Virgin Mary and a prayer encircling her.  It’s a timeless piece that would make a gorgeous Christmas gift.

Gold Jewish Mezuzah necklaceMecca Holy Land necklace


Often, mezuzahs are found at the doorways of Jewish households, imparting a prayer and blessings for the house. In this case, we have a stunning gold mezuzah adorned with a flower and Hebrew in enamel.  Inside is a teeny tiny Torah scroll.  On the right we have a tourist piece from Mecca, a resin and gold tone locket with a small booklet inside with verses from the Quran.

Gold diamond cross necklaceAntique filigree rosary


You can’t get much more classic than a simple gold cross with a diamond, and for the antique lover we have an 800 silver intricate filigree rosary.


The Peace of God be With You necklaceMay it Watch Over You Necklace


For those seeking handmade options, we have a religious wax seal necklace with the blessing “The Peace of God Be With You”, and for those who are spiritual but not religious we have our bestselling “May It Watch Over You” seal with the all seeing eye.

Finem Respice wax seal necklace

Last but not least, we have a Buddhist inspired wax seal necklace which reads “Finem Respice,” a Latin phrase meaning “Consider the End”.  Buddhists are always keeping death top-of-mind, and this is a great reminder.