“Having two boys, all I asked for on my birthday was a mom’s necklace. I didn’t want the traditional kind, but something different that reminded me of both my sons. Stacey Fay Designs made the perfect piece. It was unique, yet simple enough to pair with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a fancy dress. I’ve worn it for many years and it never ceases to get a compliment.”

“I looked to Stacey Fay Designs to make a one of a kind piece for a lifelong friend going through a hard transition into a new beginning. I wanted something that my friend could wear all the time but that wouldn’t be symbolic to anyone but her. I was looking for a piece that gave her a reminder of the joy her friendship brings to my life while also reminding her of the strength and love we see in her, even though she may not always see in herself. Stacey designed a piece that epitomized everything I was looking for.  And my friend loved it!”

“It fits perfectly and I love, love, love the necklace.”