The 12 Days Gift Guide – Day 7 – Gifts for the Holiday Bride

More engagements and weddings happen at holiday time than any other time of the year.  As you prep for one of the most important and exciting events of your life (yay!), vintage themed jewelry can add a truly special and one-of-a-kind touch.

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Gold filled and opal filigree bracelet14k gold and moonstone necklace

Iridescent stones belong at weddings – they add a shimmer and glow only rivaled by that special dress.  This gold filled opal bracelet has spectacular flowing details, and the moonstone necklace appears to glow from within.

Vintage garnet stud earringsAntique marcasite circle earrings


If you’re aiming for an updo on your wedding day, you’ll want earrings that add flair but don’t overwhelm.  These garnet cluster earrings are absolutely perfect, and if you want a more subdued look, the marcasite screwback earrings add just a touch of shimmer.

Antique garnet braceletAntique green glass and silver tone bangle


A special bracelet is a must, and the dainty look of this red spinel one will bring the holiday red into your look.  The filigree green glass bracelet has an icier more classic presence.

Diamond cluster earrings Diamond cluster Y necklace

Who doesn’t love diamonds on their wedding day? Either of these white gold cluster pieces – earrings or necklace – would look fabulous with your wedding dress.

Vintage Persian blue enamel holly earringsrose wax seal handmade necklace


Something blue…gorgeous Persian vermeil fringe earrings with a holly theme.  And as you consider handmade and meaningful bridesmaid gifts, there are countless wax seal necklaces in our shop which fit the bill.

Lamitie Friendship wax seal necklace


Wedding and bridal rings stacked

Last but certainly not least, the shop is full of engagement rings, bridal stack rings, and wedding bands.  Take a peek! 

The 12 Days Gift Guide – Day 6 – Gifts for the Spiritual Person

We’re halfway through our 2016 Gift Guide, and today we highlight beautiful pieces for the spiritual person.  Today’s deal is:

Buy any of these pieces today and we’ll donate 20% of profits to GreenFaith – an interfaith environmental organization, helping faith institutions across the world protect the environment.  Hey, these are spiritual pieces after all! 🙂


Our Lady of Lourdes Virgin Mary necklace

Our Lady of Lourdes Virgin Mary necklace


One of my favorite pieces in the shop – a 1920’s camphor glass necklace featuring the Virgin Mary and a prayer encircling her.  It’s a timeless piece that would make a gorgeous Christmas gift.

Gold Jewish Mezuzah necklaceMecca Holy Land necklace


Often, mezuzahs are found at the doorways of Jewish households, imparting a prayer and blessings for the house. In this case, we have a stunning gold mezuzah adorned with a flower and Hebrew in enamel.  Inside is a teeny tiny Torah scroll.  On the right we have a tourist piece from Mecca, a resin and gold tone locket with a small booklet inside with verses from the Quran.

Gold diamond cross necklaceAntique filigree rosary


You can’t get much more classic than a simple gold cross with a diamond, and for the antique lover we have an 800 silver intricate filigree rosary.


The Peace of God be With You necklaceMay it Watch Over You Necklace


For those seeking handmade options, we have a religious wax seal necklace with the blessing “The Peace of God Be With You”, and for those who are spiritual but not religious we have our bestselling “May It Watch Over You” seal with the all seeing eye.

Finem Respice wax seal necklace

Last but not least, we have a Buddhist inspired wax seal necklace which reads “Finem Respice,” a Latin phrase meaning “Consider the End”.  Buddhists are always keeping death top-of-mind, and this is a great reminder.

The 12 Days Gift Guide – Day 5 – Gifts for the Southwestern Lover

Day 5 of our Holiday Gift Guide showcases the best gifts for those who love Southwestern style jewelry (isn’t that all of us?!).   And don’t miss this one-day deal:

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buffalo nickel Indian head turquoise ring buffalo Indian nickel head turquoise ring

It wouldn’t be Southwestern style without statement rings, and this one is special.  An Indian/Buffalo Head nickel is embedded in black enamel and turquoise colored glass flecks in this large silver ring.

Vintage 18k gold and coral ring Vintage silver coral ring

Red coral is among the most common stones used in Southwestern jewelry, and these two rings are beautiful examples of that stone.  A modernist high karat gold ring has two pieces of coral wrapping around the finger, while the Mexican silver coral ring on the right is a simple and stackable piece.


Vintage green turquoise cross four points necklace Vintage green turquoise cross four points necklace.


A lone green turquoise stone sits in the center of this ornate piece which resembles a cross or four points symbol.

Vintage green and blue turquoise cuff bracelet Vintage turquoise cuff bracelet

Another very common type of jewelry seen in the Southwest is cuffs in every shape and size. Here are two statement pieces – a double-decker cuff with both green and blue stones and intricate designs all around, and a more classic and simple turquoise cuff with a big stone.

Vintage malachite feather earrings.Vintage silver feather earrings.


Feathers always make their way into Southwestern pieces, and these two earrings bring a lot of flair to any outfit.  To the left are malachite feather pieces, and to the right, a unique stamped set with feathers that dangle from the center.

Vintage coral and turquoise feather necklaceVintage malachite zuni bear necklace.


Here are two lovely examples of longer necklaces – a gorgeous old pawn style necklace adorned with multiple feathers and a coral and turquoise centerpiece, and a highly symbolic (of protection and strength) Zuni bear necklace with a malachite stone.

Antique 15k gold turquoise ring.

Last but certainly not least is this stunning gold and turquoise ring from the Victorian era.  The variation in color of the turquoise comes after years and years of it interacting with human touch, and there is just no replacement for it.

The 12 Days Gift Guide – Day 4 – Gifts for Under $100

The holidays are a time when we’re all looking for a special gift that won’t break the bank, given the number of gifts given. So today we highlight the best gifts in the shop for under $100!

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vintage gold filled cameo locketantique carnelian beaded necklace









Lockets are always a good gift, and this beautiful cameo gold filled locket is no exception.  Of course, if you know someone obsessed with flapper style and the 1920’s, this retro carnelian beaded necklace is the way to go.

vintage silver garnet earringsvintage jasper earrings









A flair of red in a holiday outfit is always in style – do so through a gift of these vintage silver garnet earrings, or this Mexican silver red jasper set.

vintage gold filled bangle

Vintage mosaic bracelet









Gold filled bangles make any outfit, and this one reminiscent of a disco ball is a steal.  Then we have an Italian made micro-mosaic bracelet, perfect for the traveler (or those dreaming of it!).

Quran necklace

Vintage Scottish Terrier brooch









And on the unique side, we have a vintage necklace from Mecca, with texts from the Quran inside, and a beautiful Scottish Terrier marcasite brooch, great for the dog lover.

Last but not least, every wax seal necklace in our shop is $65, and makes for the perfect gift.  Browse the shop today; we’ll offer the $10 discount on any choice!

The 12 Days Gift Guide – Day 3 – Gifts for the Animal Lover

We all know someone in our lives who adores animals, and everyone has a favorite critter.  Today we highlight the many animal-themed items we have in the Stacey Fay shop, and the special deal for the day is:

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rose gold elephant necklacerose gold fish necklace


There’s nothing quite like Victorian rose gold – the lovely pink hue is different than what you’ll find today, and much warmer.  We acquired these two charms together, not surprisingly, as both are good luck charms.  Check out the gold elephant necklace or good luck fish necklace.

Faithful dog charm necklaceElephant charm good luck necklace


In the handmade section of our shop, you’ll find this adorable dog wax seal charm necklace (I’d say “faithful” is an apt description for our furry friends) and this amazing elephant charm necklace – cast from a children’s toy!


No cheating animal charm necklace

Equality rabbits charm necklace


The Victorians were a funny bunch, and so many of the seals they used on letters had interesting or weird phrases and figures.  In these two cases we have charming and dainty options, with a “no cheating” wax seal charm on the left with two little animals playing a game, and the bestseller “on equal terms” wax seal with two rabbits meeting tail to tail.  This seal has been a big hit since the US election, as a gift for those who said I’m With Her !


Chinese enamel filigree bird necklaceVintage peacock brooch

We’ve got lots of birds in the shop right now, starting with this amazing 1940’s Chinese filigree bird brooch with colorful enamel.  This can be worn as a brooch or as a necklace, as shown here.  These filigree pieces were an important part of the Chinese tourist trade in the 40’s.  Then we have a lovely vintage peacock brooch which moves! The tail moves up and down – gorgeous handcrafted vintage.


Vintage peacock earringsVintage silver bird ring

As inexpensive gifts that pack a big style punch, we have these lovely vintage peacock earrings – you see the peacock’s details as you turn your head! – and this St. Francis-esque dove bird ring.

Antique garnet double snake rose gold ring

And we’ve left the best for last – here’s an incredible Victorian antique rose gold double snake head ring with garnets.  See the listing for this piece’s incredible history and details – it’s a truly special piece.

The 12 Days Gift Guide – Day 2 – Gifts for Loves

It’s the second day of holiday! Today we highlight the most popular theme around jewelry gift-giving: gifts for loves.  Show your adoration for someone with a piece of jewelry that holds meaning and history.

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vintage pearl and diamond stud earrings

antique garnet earrings









There are so many beautiful earrings in the shop, including these vintage diamond and pearl stunners and these antique garnet dainty starbursts.  Want to see a smile on her face this holiday? One of these is sure to do it.

Everlasting love wax seal necklace


L'Amour French wax seal necklace

rose wax seal necklace









There are numerous love themed wax seals in the shop (the Victorians used that sentiment on many a letter!), and these three here are bestsellers – Everlasting Love with a bird descending upon two hearts with a wreath of forget-me-not flowers; a seal that says “L’Amour” (love in French) with a rose, and a simple and classic rose seal.  Each of these holds symbolism both for your true love in this life and for those who have passed on.


vintage sweetheart cameo braceletVintage Siam white enamel goddess bracelet









Bracelets, particularly affordable ones like these two, are versatile and beautiful.  To the left is a “sweetheart” bracelet with a cameo – sweetheart bracelets were often used in WWI and II to help women left back at home remember their love in the trenches.  To the right is a Siam white enamel goddess bracelet – need I say more?
Amor Mio My love sterling silver vintage ring14k gold sun moon and star celestial ring









And lastly are rings, the eternal symbol of love.  To the left is a sterling silver “Amor Mio” ring (“my love” in Italian) and to the right is a dainty gold celestial themed ring (you are my sun and my moon…).